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You will learn it all in this seminar, from the opening registration, the preparation of the mannequin and the evaluation of your work. Every detail will be covered. Evaluators with years of experience who are well-versed in Certification protocol will assist you. Help will be only an arm's length away. You will be well prepared to pass the ABCH Performance Examination. This is truly a learning experience.


Washington, D. C.: July 27-28, 2014



Or, for more information, call (310) 547-0814 NOTE: There will be no registration at the door; space is limited.

The Wella Company is pleased to announce its partnership with ABCH to help produce better haircolorists

Rueben Carrenza, CEO, The Wella Company

Rueben Carrenza, CEO

We at Wella are keenly interested in producing haircolorists that can fulfill the needs of today’s demanding clients. We understand the importance of being a well-trained haircolorist. By partnering with the American Board of Certified Haircolorists we are assured that the students who complete this course and go on to become Board Certified will be able to provide a greater variety of haircolor services and please more clients.

So if you have been thinking about becoming an American Board Certified Haircolorist but were reluctant to take the exam, this mentoring class will change your mind. This class is designed to help take the fear out of taking this prestigious exam. Become part of this elite group of haircolorists and have clients clamoring for your haircolor services.

While we would love to have you use Wella products, the purpose of this two-day mentoring seminar is not to sell products, rather it is produced to make you a better haircolorist regardless of whose haircolor you use.
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