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This is a walkthrough of the written and performance examination process you'll take to get your certification.

exam process 1 1.  You arrive at the examination site with your mannequin and all of the tools and equipment necessary to complete the tasks.
exam process 3 2.  After being assigned to either the red or blue team, you have your picture taken. This is to ensure that the scorers do not get confused.
exam process 2 3.  The blue team is the first to take the performance examination, so they go to the station bearing their badge number and set up all the tools and equipment.
exam process 4 4.  All of the tools and equipment you will not be using are placed under the table at your station.
exam process 5 5.  Once the blue team is set up you will go to the general assembly. Here you will be briefed about the examination and given a chance to ask questions.
exam process 6 6.  The red team will stay in the general assembly room, where they will take the written examination. The written examination is 1 hour 45 minutes long.
exam process 7 7.  The written examination has 250 true/false or multiple-choice questions. Some of the questions are taken from a photo album.
exam process 8 8.  In the performance examination room, the blue team is preparing to start the examination, which takes 1 hour and 30 minutes.
exam process 9 9.  The timer is started and candidates all start by placing foils in the weave slice section.
exam process 10 10.  Work continues under the watchful eye of the evaluators. Neatness, workmanship, organization, and professionalism are noted at this time.
exam process 11 11.  During the 1 3/4 hour performance examination, the entire mannequin must be completed. Mixing of haircolor is included in the allotted time.
exam process 12 12.  During the examination, oral questions are asked of the candidates. All of the questions asked are found in the study portfolio.
exam process 13 13.  The highlight retouch section is one of the most critical portions of the examination; candidates must show sensitivity to previously bleached hair.
exam process 14 14.  At the conclusion of the examination, teams of evaluators carefully examine packets for application, consistency and bleeding.
exam process 15 15.  The take down is a time consuming process. It is during this time where the greatest part of the evaluation is concluded. space holder
exam process 16 16.  The two teams alternate in the afternoon. At the end of the day, both teams will take the interactive examination. Candidates will know within a week if they have passed or failed.
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