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The Summit, held in June 2017, was a rousing success. The schedule for 2018 promises to be even better. You can review the last year‘s classes below prior to the 2018 enrollment opening. You will be able to sign up beginning February 1, 2018.

Classes are scheduled by day and by time slot. Some classes are 1.5 hours, others 3 hours in length. To view the details of a class and its instructor(s), just click the title of the class.

When you choose a 3 hour class, the 1.5 hour classes in the following session are not unavailable. To change your selection, just click again to toggle class availability, or click on Clear Selections at the bottom of the screen to reset the page.

Classes marked ** are hands-on workshops requiring specialized mannequins requiring a $45 charge and utilize real bleach and color. You keep the mannequin at the end of the class. The hands-on classes marked * require a $25 maintenance surcharge.

8:00 - 9:30am

General Assembly: Join us as we start the day by networking and getting to know each other. Don't forget to visit our sponsors. They make it possible for us to keep our prices affordable each year!

12:00 AM Wednesday
Choose Class Title Instructor(s) Duration
Closed Brenda Amaral 1
Closed Edward Woody 1
Closed Stephen Adams 1
Closed Kevin White 1
Closed Pamela Will 1
Closed Tom Dispenza 1
Closed Roy Peters 1
Closed Trisha Kemp Rice 1
Closed Andrea Shumate 1
Closed Joe Santy 1
Closed Missy Peterson 1
Closed Shannon King 1
Closed Toni Mondragon 1
Closed Henry Owegi 1
Closed David Velasco 1
Closed Elizabeth Paola 1