Energizing Summit



Los Angeles, CA: March 1st and 2nd, 2020

As part of your $625 tuition ($595 for ABCH members), you will receive:

  • Two days of hands-on training
  • Two Mannequins
  • Lunch each day
  • All tools, equipment and haircolor necessary

What to Bring

Everything necessary to perform the required tasks will be furnished. Tools, gloves, aprons, combs, clips, mannequin stands, brushes and bowls will be available. If you have a favorite comb, gloves or apron you would like to use, feel free to bring them. Haircolor, bleach and peroxide will be made available to you. Finishing tools will not be necessary. The mannequins will go home with you in a plastic bag, which will be furnished.

Cancellation Policy

The fee for the balayage summit is NOT REFUNDABLE.

Discount Hotel Rates

The Marriott discount hotel rate will be $134. Click here to access this rate.

For more information on the Balayage Summit, call (310) 547-0814.

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