Energizing Summit


Those participating in the Haircolorist certification process often express their gratitude and their individual sense of achievement in completing their training and examination.

"So many people say 'whats it going to do for me? I think you should look at the big picture. Any advanced training and recognition you can get is for the betterment of our industry." – J.L.

"It was an educational experience I wont soon forget.

"I can tell you that I was truly humbled by the entire process and I am proud to now be a certified master haircolorist." – R.M.

"It was such a hard test, but I found it very challenging and rewarding. It will remain a highlight of my professional career." – W.B.

"My first day back at the salon, I felt energized and happy because I finally realized what this certification process had done for me. I had just 'leaped into a much higher level of proficiency in haircolor analysis." – A.L.

"All of the Evaluators were great! Very professional, inspired, confident and very thorough. It was definitely worth achieving and I learned a lot." – M.G.

"It has been the greatest advancement for the beauty industry since 'Thio created the permanent wave. I hope more of us seize the opportunity!" – K.D.

"Life changing! Career enhancing. It should be mandatory for all haircolorists." – M.S.

"I would do it again in a heartbeat! The more haircolorists we have certified. the more professional we are.

"It was wonderful. I have truly grown." – K.W.

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