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ABCH Certification Registration

Submission of a registration form and full payment constitutes a commitment on the part of the applicant. Please review the information below, then make your selections and complete the form.

ABCH Certification Exam Registration

* Includes Online Practice Exams.

** Includes Exam Fee, Online Practice Exams, Study Portfolio ebook, Test Mannequin with small stand and a bundle of hair to make swatches, and shipping & handling fees

Notice: It is not necessary to select an exam location at this time. You may choose the location at a later date when you feel you are ready for the exam. Once the site is selected for the examination, there will be no refund of the examination fee. A $75 transfer fee will be assessed if you choose another location.

You may purchase the ABCH Study Materials separately, without the exam fee. Go to certifiedhaircolorproducts.com for more information.


The candidate must pass all three phases of the examination in order to be Board Certified. The candidate need only retake that portion of the examination that they previously failed.

The candidate has one year from the time they receive their results of the examination to submit their registration to be re-examined. Thereafter they must start anew.

These options only apply if you took the Certification Exam within the last year and failed to pass:

Check all that apply:

You must take the Performance re-exam at one of the above listed sites. You can take the Written and Interactive re-exams at a listed site. Call the ABCH office if you wish to set up any other time and date for the Written or Interactive re-exams.

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