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ABCH Sample Exam

The sample examination contains questions from the American Board of Certified Haircolorists (ABCH) written examination. The practice examination contains 41 random questions that may (or may not) be found in the certification examination.

Review materials are for practice only. No credit of any kind will be given for taking and passing this sample examination. If you get the wrong answer, try another. Take the examination as often as you need to improve your results. The images for each question may be viewed at a larger size by clicking on the smaller image.

Allow yourself twenty minutes to complete this sample examination.

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The ABCH Written Certification Examination

The "official" written examination (for the purpose of passing the certification examination) contains 250 questions. All of the questions are multiple-choice or true and false questions.

One hour and forty-five minutes is allowed for the ABCH written examination.

The ABCH Study Portfolio ebook is designed to guide you and help you pass the ABCH Certification Examination, and is an optional purchase when registering for the examination.

You can see sample chapters (1 & 10) of the 255-page portfolio.

You can also purchase this and other study materials here, without registering for the exam.