Advanced Consultation Experience 3.0


Jun 14 (2:00-5:00)
Jun 15 (9:30-12:30)

HAIR is what we DO...

However, the JOB we DO is...

SERVE, CONNECT and the HIT the guest with a BRICK OF PSYCHOLOGY.

Fact is:

The first 30 seconds that you connect, determines the future RESULTS and RETENTION of your guests.

Led by the highly rated duo Ame and Dennis Metcalfe, Top 200 Salon Owners, and ABCH members/Summit Educators. This 90-minute interactive class has morphed into three hours packed full of strategies to help you turn your professional life into a successful career!

We WILL take a deep dive INTO: 
  • Strengthen ability to discover guests challenges and simply offer solutions
  • Unpack STRATEGIES of SELF AWARENESS and gain a PROFESSIONAL skill set
  • Acquire SUCCESSFUL SCRIPTS and TOOLS to support and WOW your guests
  • Develop the PERFECT CONSULTATION so the guest feels heard
  • Increase your RETENTION and demand a higher RATE PER HOUR

Living in the ERA OF EXPERIENCES, we as SALON PROFESSIONALS need to remember our day is not about the NUMBER of TRANSACTIONS we do, it’s about the POWER OF MOMENTS WE CREATE.

Come have some fun and walk away with the confidence to succeed and grow your financial success!


instructor photo

Ame and Dennis Metcalfe

This exciting young couple are trailblazers in the beauty industry. They are often called upon to teach their methods of operating a salon business. Denver is a highly competitive city and this couple does a lot more than hold their own. The salon is a Aveda Concept Salon and as such they are asked to travel to other areas of the country to teach how to succeed in the haircolor business. According to them the haircolor begins the moment the client enters the door. The client\'s appearance, body language and dress are all important. A haircolorist must be able to read between the lines of what a client communicates to the haircolorist. This is truly “the perfect consultation.”