Fast Easy Foil Techniques


Jun 14 (9:30-11:00)
Jun 14 (2:00-3:30)
Jun 15 (11:00-12:30)
Jun 15 (3:30-5:00)

The object of this class is to have you thinking differently about how you place highlights in the hair and the tools with which you work. A good part of what you do is preparation. Highlighting materials, bleach, brushes and combs are all specialized tools used for highlighting. Having different sizes of everything for each of the techniques you use will give you the ability to think more creatively about what you do. We fall into a pattern, all of us do things the same way day in and day out. This class is not only fun but it will teach you to be more productive with highlighting. “In Toronto we do things differently. We have a different outlook about how we color hair. Come to my class I think you will love it.”


instructor photo

Lisa McAuliffe

Lisa McAuliffe is a haircolor genius. Most of her 20 years of experience has been spent learning the art and science of haircolor. Haircolor is her love and her greatest thrill is having the opportunity to teach others how to improve their haircolor skills. Everybody colors hair, but Lisa can set you far above the crowd of impostors and make you a true haircolorist. She won’t do it in one class but she will give you the tools to work on it yourself and improve what you do. This class is not for the meek, come prepared to change your life.