Get it Out! Techniques and Tips for Removing Color *


Jun 14 (9:30-12:30)
Jun 15 (2:00-5:00)

It is becoming more and more rare for clients to sit in our chair with uncolored hair. Whether they have been experimenting at home, have visited other salons or they are your regular client, the hair you are working on is likely to have some color on it and suprise! they want something new and different. Removing color is a huge part of the work we do. In this hands-on workshop we will share our salon experiences with all the various types of color removal available. What works? When does it work? What to do if it doesn’t work?

This class has a $35.00 surcharge. All haircoloring equipment and product is furnished.


instructor photo

Jessee Skittrall Aura Mae

Jessee Skittrall is a master educator. His skill in conveying information to others is second to none. He approaches teaching in a matter of fact, no nonsense manner. His explanation for his method of teaching is, “I like to teach in the same manner I would like to be taught.” He captivates the beginner as well as the experienced haircolorist. Everyone can learn from Jessee. His system for placing foil packets in the hair is unparalleled. You can view his work and techniques and teaching style on YouTube. He has been in the profession for 17+ years and is eager to share his knowledge with you. You will love his teaching style.

Aura has 15 years of haircolor experience and is the author of the book “Get Some Hairapy.” She owns a salon in Tacoma, Washington. She is currently serving as one of the distinguished Board of Directors for the American Board of Certified Haircolorists.