Jun 14 (9:30-11:00)
Jun 14 (2:00-3:30)

In studying to take the ABCH examination, Mary Petillo was taken with how much easier her haircolor decisions became. In this class she will review the ABCH curriculum and what she perceives to be the parts of the curriculum that were most important to her and why. These are --- the haircolor categories, the gray card rule and the grading of porosity. Already a competent haircolorist she found a renewed enthusiasm for her work. The ability to communicate with her clients in a more intellectual manner was important to her, and as a result her business flourished. This class will be extremely helpful if you plan to take the ABCH examination.


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Mary Petillo

Mary has established herself as a bold imaginative thinker. The pride she takes in her work and work ethic is matched by the integrity she shows in her commitment to her clients. Mary feels haircolorists are often faced with making decisions that could be detrimental to their reputations and their clients hair. Knowing the product you are working with is essential to be successful in the demanding field of dimensional haircoloring. Mary’s personality is unique and individual, to be in her class is to know her dedication. Your time will be well spent.